About us

Research Focused Enterprise Solutions

Bridging the gap between research data requirements and enterprise software development.

  • Secure Global Access
  • Granular Data Sharing and Collaboration
  • Advanced Integrated Search and Analysis
  • Comprehensive Data Import and Quality Control

Working With Academic Institutions


Research Questions

By understanding the underlying research questions, we can tailor the solution to match your long term requirements


Modular Design

The modular design of the system means it can extend indefinitely as new research questions and datasets are integrated


Long-Term Partnership

We view the project as a long term partnership, with iterative updates and enhancements as your research project and network grows

What our solution provides

A bespoke, web based, collaborative data management application, tailored to match your data requirements and research needs. Scientists around the world are able to upload and combine their own data into the system, with full control over the data lifecycle, sharing and access. Provide a single source for your research network to combine data and answer global research questions.

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    Data Security
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    Data Sharing
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    Custom Data Exports
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    Bespoke Data Import
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    Quality Assurance
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    Advanced Search
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    Query Library

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